Toddler riding a toy truck at the beach

Hi! I am Elizabeth

Welcome to Toddler Truck Depot

My toddler loves trucks. Talking about trucks, thinking about trucks, pretending to be trucks. His vehicle enthusiasm knows no bounds.

To keep up with his interest, we’ve had to learn a lot about trucks — fast! I’m always on the hunt for new truck books, vehicle-focused activities and truck shows that won’t melt his brain.

And I’ve compiled all that information for you, fellow parent of a vehicle-lover, to save you the time and energy.

Outside of being a truck-facilitator, I am a mom of two small children under the age of 3. I have a Ph.D. in Education and my research focused on adolescent pregnancy and social network analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does your kid love trucks?

Oh to love something as much as our toddler loves trucks! Lately he’s insisted that he is in fact a tow truck, and will only respond to the name Tow Truck.

2. What’s your favorite truck book?

Little Blue Truck. I find the rhythm and rhyme of the book really enjoyable to read out loud, which is key when you read the same book a million times over.

3. What’s your toddler’s favorite truck activities?

My toddler loves to go on walks to try to find semi trucks and to do “car washes.” I’ll set him up with a bowl of soapy water and he’ll happily sit washing all his trucks.

4. How do you get your toddler to like something other than trucks?

The million dollar question! I’m pretty sure the only answer is to wait until they grow older and enjoy getting a Ph.D. in vehicles & trucks in the meantime.

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